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In the Netherlands, over 90 percent of the victims of Islamophobic incidents reported to the organisation Meld Islamofobie in were Muslim women. While the public debates about Muslim women that flare up periodically in Europe are allegedly about their autonomy and liberation, they are often the last to be consulted. In France and increasingly Belgium and Germany, states are using a particular interpretation of "secularism" or "neutrality" to exclude Muslim women wearing the headscarf from a whole swathe of public sector jobs. To cope with such discrimination, the report shows how Muslim women are developing a number of survival strategies. Published date: The most significant finding of the report is that Islamophobia is a form of discrimination specifically targeted at women. While a strong legislative framework prohibiting discrimination in employment theoretically exists, companies and governments are using vague exceptions to justify discrimination against Muslim women. One in four employers in the UK also admit that they would be hesitant to hire Muslim women on the basis of cultural stereotypes, due to concerns that childcare would be an issue for them. Listening to the victims While the public debates about Muslim women that flare up periodically in Europe are allegedly about their autonomy and liberation, they are often the last to be consulted. For those women who choose to challenge discrimination in the courts, the chances of success are pretty slim. W henever another honour killing hits the headlines or another Muslim female is vaporised into a forced marriage, the question I get asked more than any other is: Even though the sense of intimidation and menace these women are subject to may be palpable, the answer to this question is not a simple one. There are many reasons why women who live in non-Muslim societies in the west and have the ability to leave their families in search of a better life do not do so. First and foremost however, what needs to be identified is that most Muslim societies exist in cultures where the authority of the family is overarching. When a woman flees a forced marriage, a threatening brother or even the risk of death, as far as she is concerned she also leaves behind not only that but sisters, aunts, cousins, an entire culture, a belief system and closely interwoven units. The burden of honour, the shared ownership of the ramifications of her choices, stretches out across the lattice of her family and renders every move she makes magnitudinous, sending waves rippling and tainting hapless family members on the fringes of the epicentre. The thought of escape conjures up images of innocent younger sisters shamed and abandoned, growing up in the shadow of her dishonour, and mothers who did their best to provide more freedom than her father would have allowed, crushed — their faith and trust in her flung back in their faces. To that she will add the vision of countless family members and friends who invested in her, gave her succour with a kind word or a gesture of understanding.

It was the necessity of blocking the advance of an outside religion, namely Islam, that gave the Europeans the cohesion to resist Muslim Tartars and Mongols and, later, Arabs and Ottoman Turks. No matter; historians have long debated whether Muslim armies seriously intended to push throughout Europe or whether they fell victim to their own battle weariness, rather than the zealotry of Christians. Attaching this religious label to the non-Christian communities inhabiting the Middle East and South Asia created another obstacle to better understanding between the communities of the northern and southern Mediterranean worlds. The new emphasis seems to be on ethno-cultural traits that attached undue weight in the case of Muslims to their religious affiliation. It is enough to relate that the majority of modern historians do not view this battle as an attempted invasion, considering the inability of the Arabs at the time to raise the requisite number of troops for invading a territory stretching from the Pillars of Hercules to the northern and eastern reaches of Europe. Thus, opposition to the Muslim religion led to the consolidation of the European entity, a slowly developing bloc of countries that joined together in fighting Muslims from the Crusades of the eleventh century to the defense of the Hapsburg Empire in the seventeenth. Thus, it would be possible to argue that Europe emerged as a single entity despite its dissimilar nationali ties and political ideologies and in response to the ever-present Muslim danger along its borders. It should be recognized that these minorities are not restricted to migrations from the peripheral areas of the continent, such as Eastern Europe, Portugal and Eastern Germany.

A Civil Islam: Prospects and Challenges in the 21st Century September 18, Organized by: Ehsan Shahwahid Ghazwah Instructors: Delegitimize Violence and Hatred. Serious violent conflicts may have yet to emerge, but recent trends can be described as worrying to those who aspire a more open, tolerant and harmonious Muslim society. He conducts research and writes on subjects related to religion and contemporary issues, with special attention to religion and science and to the Muslim world, and issues on the relation between religious communities. Official statements and sermons have clearly declared minority Muslims including the Shias, Ahmadis and more recently, Liberals, as deviant groups. For a society to be termed civil, there must be at least some of the most basic of recognitions to be given to its members; respect towards human lives and dignity, individual liberty, democratic institutions, appreciation towards diversity, and actions toward social justice. Unfortunately, the prospect of a Civil Islam in Muslim societies remains quite far from our imagination in this early phase of the 21 st Century.

I suspect that the answer to this lies in the fact that in most areas of the Muslim world, Muslims are themselves not free to act politically, that they are preoccupied with other local struggles against injustice, or are constrained by poverty. Muslims in America: Profile link fixed Nov. Navy and the first Muslim chaplain commissioned in the Navy. On the other hand, if Muslims do not actively work to end slavery, Islam will no doubt lose much of its appeal to people for whom oppression is a reality. The most prominent Anglo-American and Anglo-British reverts who are also respected as scholars well-versed in traditional Islamic learning are as follows: American Muslim Women In spite of the impression dominant in the West that Islam is oppressive to women, the majority of American converts to Islam are women. There are a number of reasons for this: Given the clear opposition of Islam to injustice, the Islamic virtue of not practicing slavery, and the relatively recent horrors of African-American slavery, why have Muslims not put an end to slavery in the Muslim world? The issue of participation in American political life is an important one for American Muslims.

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World Muslim Women in the U. Muslim women walk in the foreground of the Suffa Tul Islam Central Mosque in the multicultural Bradford East constituency, where candidate Owais Rajput and his team canvassed ahead of May 7 elections in Bradford, England, on April 14, By Tara John August 11, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Muslims, who make up 4. A new report has found that Muslim women are the most economically disadvantaged group in Britain, blighted by the highest level of unemployment compared to other religious and ethnic groups in the country. boyfriend boy, think that the women in this country are gorgeous.

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